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Up To £400 OFF Invisalign At Our Open Day!

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Up To
£400 OFF Invisalign
At Our Open Day
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Up To £400 OFF Invisalign At Our Open Day!

Friday 8th or Saturday 9th March
Limited spaces remaining

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Affordable dentistry without compromise

Make our Chesham dental practice your destination for affordable, effective and compassionate dental care with our 12 months interest-free payment options

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Maintaining, restoring and rejuvenating smiles

With our expertise, experience and exceptional standards, we’re dedicated to looking after your smile both now and in the future

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30 years and counting - your trusted dentist in Chesham, Amersham, Berkhampsted and beyond

Your smile is often the first thing other people notice about you. Our highly experienced team combine all the skills and technology needed to provide attentive, patient-centred dental care that ensures a lasting impression. For the past 30 years, patients within the local community have been able to count on the expertise, knowledge and compassionate care of our team who are dedicated to ensuring that your time with us is as comfortable, relaxing and efficient as possible. In short, we are wholly committed to providing you and your family with the best dentistry possible in the best way we can.

Here are 6 more reasons to pay us a visit

Comprehensive dentistry

We provide patients with a comprehensive range of preventative, restorative, cosmetic and emergency dental services all conveniently carried out under the same roof.

Affordable treatments

At York House Dental Practice we believe that everyone should have access to affordable dentistry without compromising on quality. As such, we offer a range of flexible payment options and finance plans to ensure that everybody gets the treatment they need.

Clean air technology

In addition to a newly refurbished practice, we have incorporated the latest in clear air technology to help stop the spread of airborne viruses such as Covid 19, diseases and bacteria.

Additionally trained

Unlike many other dentists, our Chesham Dental team are also trained in areas of advanced aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry as well as dental implants, Invisalign and facial rejuvenation procedures.

Honesty and transparency

We pride ourselves on delivering open and honest feedback, advice and answers with regards to dental options, pricing and types of treatment available.

Emergency appointments

As a patient-centred dentist here in Chesham, we provide same-day emergency appointments enabling us to see a patient on the day they call if they are in immediate discomfort or pain.

We have both always found York House staff to be welcoming and this has continued through lockdown. The level of care taken to ensure the safety of both staff and patients is exemplary. At no time did we feel that the professional standards had been compromised to accomodate safety measures.

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Need orthodontic treatment? Teens and adults alike can benefit from a discreet and comfortable way to straighten teeth.

What are Invisalign aligners?

Invisalign aligners are an alternative to bracket and wire style fixed braces. Rather than one single appliance worn for the duration of a treatment, Invisalign involves a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners that work sequentially to straighten teeth over a period of time. Patients experience none of the restrictions associated with wearing fixed orthodontic braces and all of the comfort associated with discreet clear aligner treatment.

How do Invisalign aligners straighten teeth?

Our Invisalign dentist in Chesham will create a unique digital treatment plan that maps out the exact movements your teeth need to straighten. Each Invisalign aligner is designed to apply just the right amount of force at the right time. Once your last aligner has been worn, you will have a straighter, healthier smile that you can be proud of.

What benefits does Invisalign treatment bring?

The primary benefit is that Invisalign aligners are designed to be incredibly discreet. People won’t know that you’re even wearing them unless you decide to tell them. In addition and unlike fixed metal braces, they can be removed when eating, drinking and brushing or for special occasions meaning you have full control. Finally, there are no sharp brackets and wires to worry about that might otherwise catch on your mouth and tongue.

Who is Invisalign treatment for?

If you are a teen or adult looking for a discreet way to straighten teeth, then come and talk to our York House Dental team. Invisalign are designed to fix many common bite issues without impinging on your busy life, so if you do want a straighter smile but don’t want the hassle of wearing fixed metal braces, come and talk to our Invisalign dentist here in Chesham.

Is Invisalign treatment expensive?

In many cases the cost of Invisalign is similar to the cost of fixed metal braces. That said each case is different and our dentist will determine how complex your case is and how many aligners you need.Here at York House, we have a variety of flexible payment plans available that allow you to spread the cost of treatment, so give us a call and make an enquiry.

Experience the gold standard of missing tooth replacement using the latest dental implant technology.

Are dental implants safe?

Dental implants have been around for over 50 years and as implant technology continues to advance, today’s dental implants are sophisticated oral devices placed by highly-trained individuals. As such, modern-day implants provide one of the most reliable and safest ways to replace teeth.

Is a dental implant procedure painful?

Our implant dentists here in Chesham use the latest technology accompanied by gentle dental techniques to ensure that any dental implant surgery is as comfortable as possible. Typically, patients don’t feel any discomfort during surgery at all and as well as anesthetic, we can also administer the latest conscious sedation if you feel particularly nervous.

What can dental implants be used for?

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, several teeth or as part of several implants supporting an entire arch of teeth.

Am I eligible for a dental implant procedure?

Provided that you are in good oral and general health you should be eligible for dental implant treatment. In general, you are a good candidate for an implant-based restoration if you:

  • Have one or more missing teeth
  • Have sufficient jaw bone or are eligible for a bone graft
  • Have a jawbone that is fully developed (typically an adult)
  • Don’t suffer with a medical condition that prevents or slows bone growth
  • Can commit to a process lasting several months or more and…
  • You don’t smoke or are willing to quit

Are dental implants expensive?

Initially at least, dental implants may be more expensive than other missing teeth treatments however once in place, dental implants can last for many years. They regularly outlast other forms of restoration such as dentures or bridges and as such, they represent a sound long-term investment in your smile – an investment that will save you money in the long run.

Avoid the need for extensive or costly treatments with regular dental check-ups and hygiene cleaning.

What catchment areas do you serve?

Although we regularly see patients from Chesham, Amersham and Berkhampstead, we often see patients from all over Buckinghamshire including places like Tring, Beaconsfield and Aylesbury. So do feel free to call if you or a family member need treatment.

Do you offer family appointments?

Yes. We are pleased to offer extended family appointments enabling everyone to receive treatment on the same-day.

Do you provide weekend appointments?

Yes. We offer weekend dental visits by appointment only for busy households who simply cannot get to us during the week.

My child is in need of their first dental check-up. Can you accommodate me?

Yes. We are a family dentist first and foremost and regularly treat children of a young age. Our team is highly experienced in assisting with anything from a toddler’s first dental check-up to fluoride treatment and dental sealants for older children. So feel free to give us a call and see how we can help you.

Our professional teeth whitening treatments provide a safe and effective way to put the sparkle back into your smile. Alternatively, why not invest in the latest dental veneers to reshape the look of your smile and improve its appearance.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Because our chairside and take-home teeth whitening treatments are supervised by our dentists, you are in very safe hands. During an initial free consultation we’ll take a closer look at your teeth and gums to ensure they remain in good condition with no cavities. If this isn’t the case, our dentist or hygienist in Chesham will look to treat your condition first.

When will I see results with professional teeth whitening treatment?

Patients should see results from chairside teeth whitening of at least several shades immediately after their 1 hour treatment - although the level of whiteness depends upon how white a patient’s teeth are to begin with. Conversely, because dental take home kits use a lesser strength bleaching agent, patients can expect to see a whiter brighter smile within 7-14 days.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are thin porcelain shells designed to be worn over the front surface of your natural teeth. Designed to cover areas that may otherwise be chipped, cracked, blemished or misaligned they can be colour-matched to your existing smile to create an instant and flawless look.

Can my dental veneers be whitened?

Porcelain veneers are designed to be stain resistant and don’t respond well to whitening treatment. Therefore, we advise patients to have their teeth whitened before undergoing their veneers treatment.

Complement your smile with effective non-surgical rejuvenation treatments like dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments

What is non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment?

Facial rejuvenation involves one or more non-surgical techniques designed to target various factors that influence a person’s appearance. The process typically involves the use of safe and proven cosmetic injectables like dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle toxins to iron out tell-tale lines and give the face a more youthful and fresher appearance.

Why would a dentist carry out facial rejuvenation?

Modern dentistry is more than just teeth. Nowadays most dentists take a holistic approach to oral care and that involves looking at the bigger picture. So in addition to teeth and gums, our highly skilled team also focuses cosmetically on the part that frames a smile – the face. We’re also very adept at administering gentle injections and understand how to create perfect facial symmetry.

How long does non-surgical facial rejuvenation last?

Non-surgical rejuvenation is not a permanent fix so patients will need to repeat treatments as and when they see fit. Typically, treatment lasts anywhere between six months and several years but this does depend upon a patient’s lifestyle, environment and habits. E.g. smoking.

Do cosmetic injections hurt?

As dentists, we administer injections every single day and pride ourselves on our gentle technique. The needles used in the administration of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are incredibly fine and therefore patients shouldn’t feel much discomfort during the process. We also offer topical anaesthetics which numb the area if requested.

Today 25th April l had a routine dental appointment with Mrs Weiss at 11.20. The night before my upper front tooth chipped and was very uncomfortable! Having looked at it Mrs Weiss booked a another appointment the same afternoon so she could repair it. Well l must say l feel like a NEW woman now after l looked in the mirror ! During the procedure which was so gentle and comfortable, the best l have ever had ! I should know l have been with York House Dental Surgery since the 1990’s. My tooth feels smooth and looks better than it has done for a long time. Thank You so much, one happy patient. I will come again! 

Janet Cameron

Investing in your smile

Get a healthy, confidence-boosting smile today using the treatments below.

Invisalign® in Chesham - A great reason to smile

  • A comfortable and discreet way to straighten teeth
  • Bespoke and customised solutions that fit around your lifestyle
  • A new smile in as little as 6 months
  • A proven treatment resulting in millions of healthy smiles
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Fill the gap in your life with quality dental implants

  • Fixed lifelike restorations that allow you to live your life
  • Restorations that restore one tooth, multiple teeth or entire arches of teeth
  • All-on-4 solutions giving you a complete set of teeth in just one day
  • Interest-free finance plans available
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Complete smile transformations with veneers and teeth whitening

  • Create a flawless, natural-looking smile
  • Enhance the appearance and boost confidence
  • Quick cosmetic solutions that can really make a difference
  • Safe, effective and proven to work
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