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Dental treatment for nervous patients

Working together to alleviate your fears.

Are you looking for a full-service dental clinic that can serve the needs of you and your family both now and in the future? Welcome to York House Dental Practice!

As an advanced implant, cosmetic, general and restorative dentist in Chesham we provide both NHS and private treatments in a comfortable, modern and friendly setting.

So if you reside in the Amersham, Berkhamsted or Tring areas and are searching online for a comprehensive ‘dentist near me’ here is how you can find us.

Working together to alleviate your fears

According to the Oral Health Foundation, around one in six of us suffer from some form of dental anxiety. In some cases, an innate fear of the dentist can be so prevalent that it prevents the person from getting the dental care they so desperately need, even when they’re in great discomfort. 

Knowing that this is a common trait, however, doesn’t make it any easier for the six million UK sufferers to cope with but here at York House, we make getting dental treatments for nervous patients easier, enabling them to restore smiles and live lives to the full. 

So whether you feel slightly anxious before a new dental visit or you have an unremitting fear, our experienced team is well-positioned to help.

Got dental fear?

Talk to our highly experienced, non-judgmental team about how we can help you today!

We bring years of expertise coupled with empathetic care. Our patients are never judged or rushed. Instead, we take the time to listen to your concerns or anxieties and do everything we can to put you at ease when you visit our Chesham practice.

Solutions for dental phobics – How we help

At York House, there are several ways that we can help nervous patients get the dental treatment they need. These include:

Gentle dentistry

As trusted dentists in the Chesham community, our team have a reputation for gentle dentistry. We treat patients how we would like to be treated and have the technology and techniques to make your treatment an all-round comfortable experience. 

Welcoming environment

York House Dental Practice has recently undergone a full refurbishment and we have worked hard to create a warm and welcoming environment for our patients. From the comfy seating and serene reception area to our welcoming front-of-house team, we do everything we can to help you feel calm and relaxed about your visit.

Local anaesthesia

We strive to deliver pain-free dentistry and this aided by a local anaesthetic before treatment. Even if you require something as simple as a tooth filling or a scale and polish, we can apply anaesthetic using a gentle needle. Alternatively, for those needle-phobic patients, ask us about a numbing gel instead. Either way, anxious patients are assured of getting the treatment they need in comfort and without distress.

Dental sedation

In addition to local anaesthesia, we can also use dental sedation. Dental (conscious) sedation is a harmless technique that places patients in a relaxed and carefree state. This allows them to remain conscious during treatment but with little or no memory of what has happened. When they ‘awake’, most patients don’t even realise that any treatment has been carried out.

If you are a nervous patient and think that dental sedation may benefit you, then please ask at the time of booking and we will include it in your treatment plan.

Need help with anxiety management? Here are some top tips…

While we’re trusted dentists first and foremost, we’re also dental patients. As such, we know only too well that the thought of undergoing a particular treatment is often a lot worse than the treatment itself. For this reason, we would like to share some tips for managing dental fear allowing you to get the treatment you need…

  • Look for dental practices that welcome and assist nervous patients.
  • Communicate any fears to the dental team from the start. This way everyone involved in ongoing care will be aware of your situation.
  • Before a dental appointment, practice deep breathing and positive affirmations to keep you in a relaxed frame of mind.
  • Distract yourself during treatment by listening to calming music or TV. Here at York House, for example, we have TV’s and music in all our treatment rooms to assist nervous patients.
  • Before treatment, discuss an appropriate hand signal with your dentist to initiate the fact that you need a break.
  • Get your chosen dentist to explain exactly what your treatment entails and how it is carried out. This way, when treatment time comes around, you know what to expect.

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