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Anti-snoring devices

Proven treatment for Snoring, sleep apnoea and teeth grinding in Chesham.

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Cost of anti-snoring devices

  • Anti-snoring device £520
  • Nightguard £180

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The perfect night’s rest begins with your smile!

If snoring is making it difficult for you or your bed partner to fall asleep? If so, did you know that as dentists, we can help?

Here at York House, we provide many proven oral devices to help you (and your bed partner) get a peaceful and fulfilling night’s sleep. Appliances such as anti-snoring devices by leading expert SleepWell have been proven to be an effective anti-snoring remedy. Our Chesham dentist can also assist with sleep apnoea appliances and night guards for problems such as bruxism (habitual teeth grinding that primarily occurs subconsciously during sleep).

Ready to get the perfect night's sleep?

All anti-snoring treatments are available to patients in and around the Chesham, Amersham, Berkhampsted, Tring, Beaconsfield and Aylesbury areas, so if you are looking to put an end to your snoring woes, we invite you to come and talk to our York House Dental team.

Call us on 01494 783 874 or book a sleep consultation online today.

The problems with snoring

Let’s face it, most people snore from time to time, but if it becomes a nightly habit it could be the onset of a larger problem – sleep apnoea.

What is sleep apnoea?

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) occurs when the throat muscles relax too much during sleep to allow normal breathing. As such, the sufferer wakes up gasping for air. This can occur multiple times every hour and many times overnight meaning the person gets little or no sleep. While sleep apnoea itself isn’t life-threatening, it can cause extreme fatigue which may lead to other health problems.

Snoring problems – What’s the solution?

One of the most effective ways to cure snoring and sleep apnoea issues is through anti-snoring devices.

Chesham patients will be pleased to know that anti-snoring devices from SleepWell are a cost-effective and proven way of providing a long-term, anti-snoring strategy.

A Sleepwell anti-snoring appliance is in effect a comfortable lightweight device that is worn in the mouth during sleep. Once in position, it either gently forces the lower jaw forward or holds it in position. In doing so, it causes the throat muscles to remain open, thus increasing the space for air to flow through naturally. And, in turn, preventing the onset of snoring or sleep apnoea.

So how successful is it?

According to recent trails, SleepWell is effective in 80% of cases.

These results represent a proven and long-term remedy against snoring so ask us about SleepWell anti-snoring devices today!

What about other snoring issues?

Our Chesham patients should also know that we can help with a variety of sleep-related conditions using other dental appliances.

Bruxism, for example, is thought to affect up to 10 million people in the UK with as many as 70% suffering from either short term or long-term nocturnal teeth grinding.

Our comfortable custom-made night guards cushion the teeth to protect them from being worn down. In doing so, our night guards also help to prevent other symptoms of bruxism such as headaches and Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (a particularly painful jaw problem).

Commonly asked questions

How is obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) diagnosed?

OSA is officially diagnosed at a specialist sleep clinic. This is the only way to get a conclusive diagnosis. Usually, your GP will refer you. Once diagnosed with the condition, then sleep apnoea patients will typically come to us for assistance with anti-snoring devices here in Chesham.

How is Bruxism diagnosed?

Typically, the first sign anyone knows that they are a ‘bruxer’ is when their dentist tells them during a routine check-up. This is often indicated by worn-down teeth or heightened tooth sensitivity.

Can bad teeth cause snoring?

In a word, no. Snoring occurs when the throat muscles relax and the soft tissues partially obstruct an airway. While a severely underdeveloped jaw may exacerbate the problem, the positioning or state of a person’s teeth will have no bearing on whether a person is an excessive snorer or not. 

Is OSA related to teeth grinding?

Many studies suggest that these problems often occur together but there is no clear and distinctive evidence to determine whether this is borne out of coincidence, or whether teeth grinding causes OSA (or vice versa)

Anti-snoring devices in Chesham - Getting you back on the path to a restful night’s sleep

If you or your partner have sleep problems and are worried about the long-term effects, give the team at York House a call today. We have the experience, skills and equipment to get you back on the path to a restful night’s sleep.

Call us or book a sleep consultation online.

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