Our dental clinic is open and you can read our COVID-safe procedures here.

We have unfortunately had to temporarily stop our beauty treatments in line with Government regulations. All existing appointments will be rescheduled.

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Why visit us - We make your smile come to life

With many other dental clinics to choose from in the Chesham, Amersham area you probably want to know what sets us apart from the rest? What makes us special?

Here are 7 solid reasons that position us as the right dentist for you!

Family matters!

We’re proud to have served the Chesham community for over 30 years and during that time we have helped generations of families. Our ethos has always been to treat patients as we would like to be treated ourselves with the utmost sincerity and compassion. We have everything you and your family need to retain a healthy smile for a lifetime and our highly skilled team look forward to getting to know you.

One-stop dental care solution

Whether you are seeking a trusted dentist to supervise your child’s first dental check-up, you have dental discomfort that just won’t go away or you want to look younger and feel better about yourself, York House is a family-friendly dental practice that has something for everyone.

In addition to general dentistry, we excel in treatments like Teeth in a Day, invisible orthodontics and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. This means that we can combine multiple treatments if needed without the need to go anywhere else.

Safety first and foremost

Nothing matters more to us than patient safety. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clinic, our treatments, and ultimately our patients, are as safe as they possibly can be. We maintain the strictest protocols in regards to sterilisation and disinfection and have recently invested in the latest clean air technology throughout our dental practice - clean air technology that removes ultra-fine airborne particles that carry disease and viruses such as Covid 19.

Going above and beyond conventional dentistry

Here at York House Dental Practice, we’re more than a conventional dental practice. Our dental team is made up of:

  • Highly experienced general dentists who have advanced training in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry
  • Treatment specialists in the fields of implantology and periodontal (gum) disease; and
  • Dentists with a special interest in Oral Surgery

The skills and knowledge that we have also equip us with the ability to train the next generation of dentists.

Advanced technology for your comfort and convenience

How does advanced technology give you a reason why you would visit us? At York House, we strive to remain current with the changing trends in techniques and technology within dentistry. In doing so, we continue to provide our patients with some of the highest standards of patient care.

We have, for example, integrated a variety of technologies and tools into our workflow. This, in turn, provides greater comfort, convenience and safety for all patients. TVs and music systems have been installed in each of our treatment rooms allowing patients to relax while undergoing treatment and in addition, we are also trained in the latest sedation dentistry techniques to help nervous or anxious patients.

Cosmetic dental solutions for the ultimate smile

Our aim here at York House Dental Practice is to give you a smile that you can feel confident about. We take a holistic approach to dentistry and consider the aesthetics of your smile as well as its functionality.

Treatments like dental veneers or teeth whitening can alter the look of your teeth in just one visit, while non-surgical facial fillers can eradicate many of those fine lines and wrinkles that currently frame your smile.

Our team are highly skilled in cosmetic dental techniques and have a deep understanding of facial harmony and balance and how this works towards creating the ultimate smile.

Affordable treatments

Your oral health is important, but we understand how budget constraints can impact getting the dental treatment you need. For this reason, we aim to make high-quality dental treatments and services affordable for all.By offering a range of short term and long term financing packages alongside monthly payment plans, we make it easy for you to get the treatment you want. We offer 0% interest-free financing and low-interest financing with no deposit. 

Are you ready to plan your visit?

Hopefully, this has answered the question ‘why visit us?’

If you would like to plan your visit to our Chesham dental practice, simply call us on 01493 783 874 or book online.

We are currently accepting patients from all over the Buckinghamshire area, including Amersham Berkhampsted, Tring, Beaconsfield and Aylesbury.

We also offer free consultations for dental implants, orthodontic treatment and smile makeovers!

Have a question or want to chat to us first?

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