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Root canal treatment in Chesham

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Cost of root canal

  • Root canal therapy from £480

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Utter the word root canal to any unsuspecting person and palms become sweaty and knees turn to jelly.

Unfortunately, root canal treatment has been given a bad image but not because of the treatment itself, but because of its perception.

So as a trusted and gentle dentist here in Chesham, we want to assure people of one thing…

It’s not the treatment that causes root canal pain. Instead, root canal therapy is performed to relieve pain.

That’s right, our highly experienced team can get you out of pain fast.

What is root canal treatment exactly?

When a tooth becomes damaged, cracked or chipped bacteria can enter the tooth via the opening and penetrate one or more of the inner tubules (tooth canals).

These canals attach the tooth root to the underlying bone. Unfortunately, root canals also house the nerves and blood vessels that support the tooth. When infection takes hold, the nerves send out pain signals. Hence root canal purgatory.

The only way to prevent the (often severe) discomfort is to remove the nerve - and by definition - the infection from the tooth and seal the canal up. That is in effect what root canal therapy does.

What happens during your root canal treatment?

  • First, our Chesham dentist will take an x-ray to see the extent of the infection
  • Next, they will numb the area including the gum with a local anaesthetic
  • Then, a small pilot hole is drilled through the crown (top) of the tooth to expose and access the nerve chamber
  • A cleaning process is then undertaken to flush out all bacteria and any nerves are removed from the chamber,
  • At this point, a further x-ray is taken to ensure that all infection has been removed and the empty chamber is backfilled and sealed using a polymer sealant known as gutta-percha.
  • Finally, a temporary crown may also be placed to protect the tooth

This entire process takes somewhere between 30 and 90 minutes depending upon the complexity of the infection.

Once this has been carried out, patients should be free to leave.

Life after a root canal – What happens next?

Immediately after treatment, the first thing you’ll notice is no more pain.

However, once the anaesthetic wears, off some tenderness around the gum area may be experienced. This is natural and, unlike root canal pain, should easily be brought under control using common or garden pain killers

After several weeks our Chesham dentist will remove your temporary crown (if you have one) and swap it for a permanent crown - one that blends in seamlessly with your smile.

Commonly asked questions about root canal treatment in Chesham

What happens if I don’t undergo root canal therapy?

Aside from prolonged discomfort, it’s likely that by leaving the infection, it will spread. In particularly extreme cases, infection can cause sepsis - a life-threatening condition as it spreads to other organs in the body. This is why a root canal should be considered a dental emergency.

Is root canal therapy painful?

No. Endodontic treatment (treatment that deals with the inside of the tooth) is always performed with a controlled dose of anaesthetic to numb the area. Therefore patients shouldn’t feel any discomfort during treatment.

Is root canal treatment safe?

Absolutely. Root canal treatment is a proven and effective procedure that is safe to perform.

Will my tooth be saved during root canal treatment?

Yes. Although the tooth will no longer contain any nerves, it should remain stable and able to aid the bite. Typically, teeth that have undergone root canal therapy function normally for many years once they have been fitted with a dental crown.

Don’t suffer in silence - Get the root canal treatment you need today!

If you are currently experiencing root canal pain, please don’t suffer in silence. Contact our York House dental team on 01494 783 874 who will secure a same-day appointment.

Nervous patients are particularly welcome as we can provide you with on-site dental sedation to help you relax while we work to get you out of pain.

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