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Affordable dentures in Chesham – Giving your smile a new start

Quality, full, partial and implant supported dentures that change your smile for the better!

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Treatment timescale

  • 1 -12 weeks

Cost of dentures

  • Acrylic from £830
  • Chrome from £990
  • Full dentures from £1,300
  • No deposit finance plans available

"Courteous, efficient and expert throughout their practice. Their approach throughout the Pandemic and lockdown cannot be faulted."

ian welsh

Living with problem or missing teeth can impact on your life in so many ways.

It can change the way you eat – restricting you to a softer food diet, it can change your outlook on life and it can destroy your confidence.

You deserve better than that and that’s where we can help. Here at York House, we provide quality, lifelike full and partial dentures and implant-supported dentures in Chesham that won’t break the bank.

How our modern dentures can help

In the past, dentures had been given a bad rap. Pretty much all emphasis was placed on functionality and less attention was paid to comfort or aesthetics meaning that they were difficult to live with. Modern dentures are completely different…

Our dentist in Chesham, for example, partners with a local dental lab that construct custom dentures that are strong, comfortable and incredibly lifelike. They pay great attention to getting the gum tone and tooth colour exactly right so you can feel 100% confident in your smile once again.

Moreover, we provide a range of zero-interest and low-interest flexible finance plans to ensure that you get the exact restorations you need without worrying about denture cost. 

In other words, we make great dentures affordable!

Types of denture available at York House

Depending upon your need, we provide several denture types at our York House practice to help individuals regain their smiles. These include:

Full dentures

Designed to replace an entire row (arch) of missing teeth our full dentures are lifelike, comfortable and durable, allowing you to live your life normally.

Partial dentures

When a patient still has several strong and healthy teeth they can be used as a foundation for partial dentures. Our Chesham dentist (along with our associated dental lab) will construct a plate containing one or more prosthetic restorations that fit in seamlessly with an existing smile.

Implant-retained dentures

This is a type of overdenture retained and supported by a series of dental implants. Our dentists are highly skilled in placing dental implants and in doing so, the patient is left with a denture that is incredibly stable in the mouth.

Commonly asked questions

How do I care for my denture?

For best denture care you need to:

  • Remove and rinse dentures after eating
  • Clean your mouth thoroughly after removing dentures
  • Handle them with care – dentures can be fragile
  • Brush dentures daily
  • Soak dentures overnight in an approved solution and
  • Rinse thoroughly before putting back in your mouth

Should I use a denture adhesive?

This depends. Implant-supported dentures and new dentures should not need added assistance from denture adhesive. However, as time goes by the jaw bone atrophies (shrinks) and as a result, the denture can become loose. In this case, you may require denture adhesive until our dentist can readjust your denture for a better fit. While some people prefer the added security that denture adhesive brings it isn’t always necessary.

My dentures are loose, what should I do?

This is normally a sign that they need re-adjusting. So make an appointment with our Chesham dentist and they will take a closer look.

My denture has broken, can I use superglue to fix it?

No. This really isn’t advisable. Aside from the fact that superglue isn’t designed to be put into the mouth, substances contained within the bonding agent can cause your denture to warp out of alignment.

Instead, if your denture does break, call our dentist for the earliest available appointment and in the interim, invest in some dental cement available at most leading chemists. Remember any cement application should only ever be a temporary fix and is not a long-term solution.

Is it okay to sleep in dentures?

While it may be tempting to wear dentures while sleeping this isn’t advisable. As with any type of denture (implant-supported dentures included), your mouth benefits best from sleeping without dentures in place. Firstly, it gives the gum tissues chance to rest and secondly, it prevents possible infections which can otherwise take hold if dentures remain in the mouth all the time.

Everybody deserves a great looking smile?

If you are currently missing multiple teeth or can’t get along with your current denture then call our highly skilled dentists here at York House and ask us about our quality, affordable dentures. Chesham, Amersham and Berkhamsted patients can rest assured that we will give you a lifelike smile that looks as good as it functions.

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